LDE OCEANIA 9, 10 MAR 2018

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Minister's Letter

Dear Fellow Lebanese,
Citizens & Descendants
Residing in Oceania

I am truly honoured and grateful to launch the first edition of the Lebanese Diaspora Energy (LDE) Conference in Oceania.
The LDE concept emerged as the Lebanese dream to strengthen bonds between both the Lebanese diaspora and the land of their ancestors being Lebanon. Your presence in Oceania has prompted us this time to orient the LDE compass in your direction and sail across the seas to Australia with the aim of bringing Lebanon closer to you.
Believing in the contributions of every citizen from Lebanese origin abroad makes us eager to consolidate our Lebanese identity at every LDE event. We are proud to put forward during LDE Oceania the Lebanity concept and introduce the Lebanese nationality redemption law to eligible beneficiaries.
The Lebanese Diaspora is a part of our national story and psyche. That is why your participation in the Lebanese political life is vital to shaping up the future of Lebanon. Hence, we made sure the Lebanese Diaspora Vote Initiative gave you the possibility to register for participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections in May 2018.
In addition to political and social inclusion, Lebanon offers unlimited opportunities to be explored and tapped. The LDE conference is a comprehensive platform that blends together the nostalgia for Lebanon with the variety of awaiting collaboration fields in healthcare, education, trade, investment and more.
You, the members and thought leaders of the diaspora in Oceania, have mirrored the good image of Lebanon and its culture, endured times of hardships, and continuously thrived and never forgotten your origin. I hope this experience will set precedence for future LDE conferences and contribute to preserving and nurturing the ties between yourself and Lebanon.

Welcome to LDE Oceania 2018. I look forward to meeting with you and getting to know your thoughts and suggestions from the forum!

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants


Event's Program

At Doltone House, Australian Technology Park, Exhibition Hall
2 Locomotive Street (Bay 10 - 14) Eveleigh NSW

17:30 - 18:30 Registration

18:30 – 19:30 Official Opening Ceremony

  • Master Of Ceremony: Ms. Mariam Saab-Journalist And TV Presenter At France 24
  • Lebanese National Anthem: Performed By Ms. Eva Ghannam
  • Australian National Anthem: Performed By Ms. Lara Nakhle
  • Keynote Speakers:
    • The Hon. John George AJAKA, MLC- President Of The Legislative Council Parliament Of New South Wales
    • Senator The Hon. Concetta Fierravanti-Wells- Minister For International Development And The Pacific
    • The Hon. Michel Sukkar, MP- Assistant Minister To The Treasurer
    • Dr. Salim Sfeir- Chairman-CEO Of The Bank Of Beirut Group
  • Motivational Speaker: Ms. Bianca Elmir-Youth Worker, Australia Champion In Boxing And Kickboxing, Oceania Champion In Boxing

20:00 Gala Dinner

  • Sponsored By The Australian Lebanese Chamber Of Commerce
  • Master Of Ceremony: Mrs. Nisrine Khadra Daher- Marketing And Community Relations Bank Of Sydney

At Doltone House, Australian Technology Park, Exhibition Hall
2 Locomotive Street (Bay 10 - 14) Eveleigh NSW

09:00 – 10:00 Registration

10:00 – 11:30 PANEL 1: Lebanity between the past and present

The long-standing lebanese presence in oceania has taken shape through several waves of migration from lebanon starting during the last few decades of the 19th century. having members of the lebanese diaspora in the world far away from the land of their forefathers, does not exempt lebanon from welcoming and facilitating their return or nurturing close bonds with them. this panel aims to give insight into the implementation of that lebanese nationality law and explain the importance of helping lebanese emigrants find their ancestral origins and reclaim their citizenship. in addition, the panel features youths of lebanese background and gives them the floor to express their thoughts, needs, concerns, and expectations, in a bid to bridge gaps between them and lebanon and develop their attention to the homeland of their ancestors.

  • Moderator: Mr. Zaher Al Aridi-Diplomat At The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs And Emigrants
  • Panelists:
    • Professor Fadia Ghossayn AM-President, Australian Lebanese Foundation
      The Achievements Of The Lebanese Maronite Foundation In Preserving The Lebanese Identity
    • The Supreme Islamic Shiite Council Of Australia
      Assisting The Lebanese Community In Australia
    • Islamic Charity Projects Association
      Social And Cultural Activities
    • Mrs. Henriette Nakhle; Honorary Consul Designate Of Lebanon In New Zealand
      The Role Of Lebanese Honorary Consuls In Promoting The Concept Of Lebanity
    • Mr. Khaled Alameddine; Lebanese Muslim Association
      The Lebanese Presence In Australia, Problems, Development And Communication
    • Mrs. Roula Moussa; Founder And Managing Partner Of Netways
      Connecting Diaspora-Power Of Diaspora ID Project
    • Mrs. Hilda Clune; Chief Information Officer At PWC Australia
      The Technology And Digital Experience In The Promotion Of Lebanity

11:30 – 13:00 PANEL 2: Shedding light on investment opportunities between lebanon and oceania

The communities of lebanese background in oceania play an important role in lebanon’s relations with the region. yet, special care should be given to the field of investment in order to draw additional foreign direct investments in both directions. as lebanon is set to start the phase of oil and gas exploration, the efforts resulting from the lebanese government’s attempts to maintain political stability and the developments witnessed in the private sector, demonstrate that lebanon is still an attractive country for investment. this panel provides a platform for businessmen, entrepreneurs, and government institutions from both sides to explore boundless mutual opportunities.

  • Moderator: Mr. Rick Mitry-Mitry Lawyers Co-Founder And Partner, Practises In International Law And Human Rights Law As Well As In Criminal And Commercial Litigation.
  • Panelists:
    • Dr. Nabil Itani; Chairman Of IDAL
      Creating Linkages Between Lebanon And Its Diaspora
    • Mr. Fawaz Sankari; Executive General Manager Of Bank Of Sydney
      Banking Beyond Borders
    • Dr. Anthony Hasham; Founder And Managing Director Of Australian Consulting Engineers
      The Position Of The Lebanese Diaspora In The Construction Industry Within Sydney, Australia
    • Fouad Deiri; Founder Of Deicorp Construction Development
      Investment And Trade Relations Support Between Australia, Lebanon And The Middle East
  • Keynote Speaker: The Hon. Ray Craig Williams; Minister For Multiculturalism And The Minister For Disability Services In New South Wales

13:00 - 14:30 LUNCH


Underpinned by strong connections due to the wide presence of a successful lebanese diaspora in australia, lebanon enjoys friendly bilateral relations with australia. trade exchange is one of the important facets of those relations; it needs to be expanded and constitutes a fertile field to invest in. for the purpose of enhancing further the solid relations existing between australia and lebanon, lde oceania 2018 allows the australian and lebanese entrepreneurs, traders and businessmen to engage in developing this field through pursuing means to facilitate issues related to customs laws and regulations, transfer of funds, transport, insurance, delivery and receipt operations.

  • Moderator: Mr. Ibrahim Charara - Diplomat At The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs And Emigrants
  • Panelists:
    • Mr. Michel Rizk; Head Of Trade Relations Between Australia And Lebanon
      Boosting The Export Of Lebanese Products And Services To Australia And Promoting Beirut As A Hub For Australian Companies To Transact In The Middle East Region.
    • Mr. Roland Jabbour; President Of The Australian Arab Chamber Of Commerce And Industry
      Challenges Facing The Trade And Investment Relations Between Australia And Lebanon
    • Mr. Miltos Michaelas; Chief Executive Officer Of Bank Of Sydney
      Stronger Financial And Banking Connectivity As A Key Enabler Of Trade Growth: The Experience Of Bank Of Sydney
    • Mr. Gary Dowes; Senior Trade Adviser At Austrade / NSW Business Chamber
      The Available Resources To Assist In Promoting Future Business With Australia
    • Mr. Fady Zouky OAM; President Of Australia Lebanon Chamber Of Commerce And Industry
      Positive Marketing Underpins Trade Relations
    • Mr. Hassan Moussa; President Of Australian Arab Business Council
      Australian Lebanese Business People Can Be A Critical Conduit For Stronger Cultural And Trade Connections Between Australia And Lebanon


Australia is a leading country in the world of educational research and development and is known for adopting new technologies at a faster rate than most other countries in the world. hence, one of the biggest draws for international students interested in studying in australia is the quality of scientific research. for all that, many students and lebanese youth have followed the path of their lebanese peers to seek better opportunities. in the light of the above, this panel stresses the importance of fostering academic cooperation/partnership and student exchange between both countries to keep up with the latest developments.

  • Moderator: Mrs. Eva Melhem - Lecturer/Academic
  • Panelists:
    • Dr. Jamal Rifi; General Practitioner
      Achievements And Future Of Australian Lebanese Foundation
    • Dr. Jospeh Jabra; President Of Lebanese American University
      Collaboration Between The Lebanese And Australian Higher Education Universities
    • Dr. Saad Ramadan; Academic Researcher At The University Of NEWCASTLE Australia
      Translational Biotechnology
    • Dr. Tony Rizk; Executive Director At Deakin University
      Transformational Leadership
    • Dr. Ali Abbas; Professor At The Faculty Of Engineering & IT At The University Of Sydney
      Energy And Waste Research: Barriers And Opportunities In Engineering Cooperation And Exchange
    • Mr. Saad Abou Chakra; Chairman Of EDUGATES International
      Important Trends In School Buildings And Modern Technologies In Education


One of the characteristics of lebanon is its permeating presence in the world and the reflection of this presence on the various fields of work in which its citizens have engaged. the thriving field of medicine in lebanon meets the success of the lebanese doctors abroad who moved to study in the most prestigious universities of the world and eventually settled in their respective countries of study. a successful example is the australian lebanese medical association (alma) which was founded a few years ago by australian health professionals of lebanese background. the aim of this panel is to seize collaboration opportunities between the health researchers and doctors in both countries, taking advantage of the leading role that lebanon occupies in the middle east region in the field of healthcare and sharing the latest medical and biotechnological developments in this domain.

  • Moderator: Dr. Walid Ahmar-President Of The Australian Lebanese Medical Association And President Of The International Lebanese Medical Association
  • Panelists:
    • Professor Sonia Saad; Senior Research Fellow Of Medicine At University Of Sydney
      Building Bridges For Successful Medical Research Collaborative Programs Between Australia And Lebanon: Challenges And Possible Solutions.
    • Dr. Mustapha Alameddin; President Of The Lebanese Overseas Trained Doctors In Australia
      The Role Of A General Practitioner And The Potential For Lebanon-Helping Lebanon Expand
    • Dr. Sumaya Aboulhosn; Dentist
      Oral Health Of Children, Causes, Prevention, The Australian Model
    • Dr. Marwan Obaid; Consultant Endocrinologist And Clinical Lecturer At The University Of NSW
      Diabetes And Primary Prevention In Lebanon
    • Dr. John McGuire; Managing Partner Of Brisbane Private Imaging
      How Australia Can Help Lebanon In Radiology- Training, Equipment And Knowledge
    • Dr. Charbel Sandroussi; Clinical Associate Professor At The University Of Sydney
      Liver Transplantation, Organ Donation And Complex Foregut Oncology. Centralisation And Improvement In Outcomes
    • Professor Afif Hadj; First General Surgeon In Victoria
      Road Trauma- Lessons Learnt In Australia And The Implications For Lebanon


Among immigrant communities from the middle east, the lebanese diaspora in oceania represents the largest single community. hence, the cultural and social ties between lebanon and oceania have been underpinned by the contributions made to the region’s social and cultural life by the lebanese diaspora. yet, lebanese migrants have always thought to maintain contact with their roots in lebanon. arising from the need to revive the rich cultural heritage of lebanon, this panel sheds light on ideas and initiatives targeting cultural and social exchange between lebanon and oceania.

Part 1: Culture Heritage And Social Ties

  • Moderator: Mr. Camille Lattouf-Architect And Director Of The Lebanese Film Festival In Australia
  • Panelists:
    • Mr. Jospeh Assaf AM; Expert In Multicultural Communication And Founder And Chairman Of Ethnic Business Award
      The Values Of Diversity
    • Mrs. Daizy Gedeon; Filmmaker
      Is Ignorance Of The “Real” Lebanon Causing Disengagement Amongst The Diaspora?
    • Sister Elham Geagea; Chief Executive Officer Of The Maronite Sisters Of The Holy Family Village
      A Journey Of Outstanding Contribution To Aged-Care Lebanese Australians
    • Mrs. Chadia Hajjar; Filmmaker, Educator And Founder Of Mirath In Mind Organization
      How To Maintain Your Cultural Identity And Belong To The Country Of Origin

Part 2: Media Influence

  • Moderator: Mr. Anwar Harb-Annahar Australia Newspaper
  • Panelists:
    • Mr. Joseph Khouri-Al - Mustaqbal Australia Newspaper
      Arab Media In Australia
    • Mr. Antoine Kazzi-El-Telgraph Newspaper
      Contributions Of The Lebanese Media And Cultural Community In The Australian Society
    • Mr. Sayed Mikhael -Australian Correspondent For NNA Lebanon
      The Role Of Media In Strengthening Communication Between Lebanese Officials And Their Fellows In Lebanon
    • Mr. Camil Shalala -Middle East Time Magazine
      The Media And The Great Challenges
    • Mrs. Marie Missy-Marie Myssy SBS Radio
      How Radio Is Evolving Into A Multi -Platform Media
    • Mrs. Suzan Hourani-Sawtelghad Australia
      Media Inclusiveness And Press Exchange, The Greatest Challenges And Ability To Influence The Conscience


  • Master Of Ceremony: Mrs. Nisrine Khadra Daher-Marketing And Community Relations Bank Of Sydney
  • Keynote Speaker: The Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane, MLC-Opposition Whip In The Legislative Council Parliament Of New South Wales

“Lebanon would cease to exist if it weren’t for you and us. We are Lebanon!” - H.E. Minister Gebran Bassil


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