LDE 10, 11, 12 MAY 2018

The 5th edition of the Lebanese Diaspora Energy conference will be held in May 2018, at Seaside - Beirut- Lebanon
The 5th edition of the Lebanese Diaspora Energy conference will be held in May 2018, at Seaside - Beirut- Lebanon
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Minister's Letter

Dear Fellow Lebanese
Citizens & Descendants
Honored Guests and Participants

It is time again to meet in Lebanon, the ever beating heart of the Lebanese Diaspora.
I am pleased and honored to launch the fifth edition of the Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conference in Beirut.
Today we further narrow the distances that separate us from one another to renew our vows of love and commitment to our country Lebanon.
The success and potential of LDE following its inception in 2014 prompted us to embark on a unique journey, that of reaching out to every Lebanese abroad. LDE has made the journey to many destinations so far, waving the banner of Lebanity and highlighting the importance and merits of being Lebanese.
We are proud of our accomplishments to include the Lebanese diaspora in the whole spectrum of the Lebanese life. We stand by our commitments to further promote Lebanon not just as a recreation spot but a focal point of interest to all of its citizens.
This year LDE is pleased to raise topics of importance that target a wide range of interests to you and your compatriots in Lebanon. For the very first time this conference deals with topics related to sports, culinary art and public private partnership in an attempt to revamp the Lebanese business opportunities and build the country of our dreams.
In an era of globalization when borders have become less significant, Lebanon has a comparative advantage. Your presence in every country around the globe is a big potential for all of us-Your achievements in different fields combined with an unrestrained endearment to your motherland is essential to protect and defend the interests of Lebanon.
In addition to showcasing the Lebanese success stories and promoting the positive image of Lebanon around the world, this conference will enable you to meet thousands of influential Lebanese key players and decision-makers from Lebanon and the diaspora, and will allow you to network with peers in similar sectors worldwide to seize investment opportunities both in Lebanon and abroad.
I strongly believe that this massive and all-inclusive assembly of compatriots gathering from around the world will initiate a new chapter in the relations between Lebanon and its Diaspora and will continue drawing the story of success this conference has conceived.

Welcome to LDE Beirut 2018, I look forward to meeting you and hearing the outcomes and recommendations from the Forum!

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants


Event's Program



11:30 - 13:00 SESSION 1 : Your Call to 'Rebranding, Reassessing and Reshaping Lebanity'

Our Lebanity has translated into a contagious love for life that could be packed and sold to the entire world. Take part and participate in the ever-growing network of Lebanese people and contribute to the launching of a worldwide statistics plan to assess the numbers of Lebanese Diaspora abroad, rebrand the bad image portrayed about Lebanon and improve the way Lebanon is perceived equally by foreigners and by its descents, as well as reshape the concept of Lebanity by focusing and highlighting on its various aspects, the most important of which, is the Lebanese nationality, and how to live one's Lebanity while abroad.

13:00 – 14:30 LUNCH

15:00 - 16:30 SESSION 2: LDE political dialogue forum

Over the past years the diaspora has increasingly become significant players in the international political arena. Today and with a range of policy areas including foreign affairs, the reshaping of the world political system, the emergence of new technological and economic development, the role of diaspora increasingly needs to be considered. Many countries such as Greece, Armenia, India and many others regard their diaspora as strategically vital political assets. This session convenes to set the ground, launch and prepare for the first LDE political dialogue forum that will be held in Lebanon soon with the aim to promote and discuss optimal ways to engage the diaspora communities and politicians in influencing both the domestic politics of Lebanon and the domestic politics of their host states regarding issues that are of interest to Lebanon.


From being challenged at leading universities to engaging with innovative peers and influencers, youth are redefining leadership and generating impact. Therefore, among those entitled to decide on how to reshape our future, the youth, shall be an integral part of the dialogue. Young people have the potential to become the ambassadors for innovative projects and can offer much from their wit and experience. LDEY convenes to unveil the boundless opportunities that Lebanon can offer and the potential fields upon which the youth can enact to induce change and bring developments back home, as well as to allow them to question and challenge current leaders, minding the unrivalled passion they can lend to the process of change.


10:00 - 14:00 (ROOM A) SESSION 4: Future economic vibes of lebanon

  • PANEL 1: The fourth industrial revolution; prospects for development
    The importance of this panel lies in the fact that it discusses the leading world innovations. The internet of things, mobile supercomputing, biotechnology in its rgbw colors, drones, self-driving cars, nanotechnology are all ushering to a new era and at an exponential speed. Lebanese have proved over the time to be the mastermind behind several inventions. This panel aims at joining efforts to build the necessary educational and functional infrastructure to put Lebanon on the map of the fourth technological revolution and bring about development and prosperity, minding the abundance of brainpowers seeking opportunities in this field.
  • PANEL 2: Strategies for banking and public private partnership
    Diaspora is more than just sending money home; the relatively stable Lebanese banking sector should not underestimate the importance of attracting the inflows of new diaspora members. The first part of this panel seeks to create the development of Lebanon by offering the platform for the banking and investment sectors to create proper coordination mechanism and to envision the importance of the diaspora beyond remittances. The second part of this panel has the aim to activate the model of public private partnership and the engagement of experienced diaspora corporations in the pressing potential investments such as electricity, water, education, transportation, state buildings, and e-government etc.

10:00 - 14:00 (ROOM B) SESSION 5: Lebanon an outstanding mosaic of diversity

This session is an open discussion to sail into the continuous journey of unity, peace and love for the sake of Lebanon. Lebanon is a mosaic consisting of a diversity of cultures, traditions and religions. Due to its geographical location at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa; many civilizations have left their marks through its long history and shaped Lebanon into its present state, embracing many religions and blossoming into a land of unprecedented cultural riches, diversity and opportunities. We strive to narrowing distances between Lebanon and its diaspora, spotlighting its culinary, religious, cultural and health facets.

  • PANEL 1: The Lebanese culinary art
  • PANEL 2: Lebanon a melting pot of religious diversity
  • PANEL 3: The Lebanese cultural landscape
  • PANEL 4: Lebanon, an oasis of health

14:00 - 15:30 LUNCH

15:30 - 16:30 SESSION 6: Diaspora and the universal language of sports

In its recent past, Lebanon witnessed an unprecedented development in its basketball capacities allowing it to win the FIBA ASIA championship cup and the arab basketball cup for various consecutive terms. This is not to overlook the personal achievements registered by many Lebanese champions in various sports domains like boxing, MMA, weightlifting etc. This panel serves as a platform to pay tribute for our Lebanese and diaspora champions and attempt to promote joint efforts to contribute to the development of the sports sector, hence allowing more champions to compete on the international arena while contributing in parallel to better the lives of youth, families and Lebanese communities.




Lebanon is a country where places of worship abound by excellence. Come and discover 'The Holy Land Of Lebanon' and live the message and spirit of dialogue.... for you to spread
(Visit to various religious worship sites accompanied by a breakfast)


Inauguration of Lebanese diaspora museum
Inauguration of Lebanese diaspora houses

LDE is convinced both of the urgency and the importance of trying to record diaspora voices, memories and visions, so that the inner world of feelings and representations of the lebanese descents could be better appraised and contextualized within the lebanese society.

Embark on culinary tourism with lunch at Batrouniyat - special invitation by H.E. Minister Gebran Bassil


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“Lebanon would cease to exist if it weren’t for you and us. We are Lebanon!” - H.E. Minister Gebran Bassil


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